Street Song Sheena Wilkinson

When life goes off-key.

change your tune.

Ryan’s career is over. After winning a national TV talent show and becoming a teen pop sensation, his fame has spiralled into addiction, embarrassing headlines and career suicide. Now image obsessed stepdad wants him at home and back in school, and under his thumb.

However, a chance meeting with the enigmatic Toni offers him a fresh start in a new city. Before long he has reinvented himself, made real friends and is playing real music in Toni’s band. Despite living in a hostel, busking for his wages and living under a false identity, Ryan is finally happy.

But struggling to exist on the brink of homelessness, he is exposed to a more sinister world. Forced to truly decide what kind of person he wants to be, Ryan begins to realise that starting over comes at a price.


Street Song is absolutely brilliant I’ve never read such a brilliant fiction book in my life about a pop star. I never knew what was going to happen next for Ryan . which I loved that feeling of just not knowing where this page turning story was going to take me. Street Song could quite easily be made into a short film with  Justin Bieber or Aaron Carter playing the part of Ryan Lee Callaghan.  Young Ryan who sings and plays the guitar finds fame on a TV talent show. He has a flash car and designer clothes.  When an argument with his stepdad turns into violence, Ryan decides to run away from his old life.  When he meets average guitar-player Toni,  the opportunity to start afresh seems too good to pass up. Before long, he joined Toni’s amazingly talented band, and reinvented himself under the name ‘Cal’. For the first time in his life Ryan has friends around him, he’s playing the music he’s always wanted to play, and living in a hostel, he finds he needs to find a way how to earn money and busking seems to be an easy way to earn some money. Highly recommend this book it’s an absolute gem of a  page turner.


Come And Find Me Sarah Hilary

You were lonely, that’s why you wrote me the first letter. Knowing I was dangerous. Knowing what I’d done. You were lonely and I was safely behind bars. It was just a game.

On the surface, Lara Chorley and Ruth Hull have nothing in common, other than their infatuation with Michael Vokey. Each is writing to a sadistic inmate, sharing her secrets, whispering her worst fears, craving his attention.

DI Marnie Rome understands obsession. She’s finding it hard to give up her own addiction to a dangerous man: her foster brother, Stephen Keele. She wasn’t able to save her parents from Stephen. She lives with that guilt every day.

But now Michael Vokey has escaped, and as the hunt to find him gathers pace, Marnie fears one of the women may know his whereabouts and is about to pay the ultimate price.


No Other Darkness was my favourite novel, but now Come And Find Me has become a favourite of mine too. I liked Come And Find Me as it’s a completely different type of story. It’s a well known fact that riots do take place in prisons and unfortunately convicts do escape from prison.  Sarah  Hilary has added quite a few surprises in this new novel that I won’t spoil.  The scene starts off with a prison riot. During the riot Michael John Vokey escaped from prison of course he must of had an escape plan. The reason Michael Vokey was in prison was because he tortutred a young mother. Three convicts are in hospital after the riot, it’s believed that Michael Vokey attacked them to escape. DI Marnie Rome is searching through the prison questioning everyone who knew Michael John Vokey. His cell and letters are investigated in hope of finding where Vokey has disappeared to. Come And Find Me is made up of many things twists, tension,  pain, loss and grief. Thank you to Sarah Hilary for sleepless nights and early wall- staring days, patience and panic, aching wrist that has all paid off to another brilliant novel.

Let Me Lie Clare Mackintosh

The police say it was suicide.

Anna says it was murder.

They’re both wrong.

One year ago, Caroline Johnson chose to end her life brutally: a shocking suicide planned to match that of her husband just months before. Their daughter, Anna, has struggled to come to terms with their loss ever since.

Now with a young baby of her own, Anna misses her mother more than ever and starts to question her parents’ deaths. But by digging up their past, she’ll put her future in danger. Sometimes it’s safer to let things lie…


I loved every page of this psychological thriller, but then again I’m a big fan of Clare Mackintosh. Let Me Lie is now my favourite novel by Clare Mackintosh. With excellent twist in I highly recommend this book. Nineteen month ago Anna’s father took the newest and the most expensive car from the forecourt of his own business. He drove it to Eastbourne to be Beachy Head and parked it in the car park and threw himself off the cliff. Seven months later Anna’s mother followed him. The papers called it a copycat suicide. I simply just didn’t see any of the twists coming. Clare Mackintosh spent twelve years in the police force however Let Me Lie is a clever fictional part of her creative imagination. I’m so looking forward to the next book published by Clare Mackintosh.


My Sister Michelle Adams Blog Tour

One was kept. One was sent away. Who is hiding the truth?

My Sister is Irini. Our parents sent her away. My sister is Elle. They kept her.

Families should stay together. What happened that day ripped mine apart.

A successful doctor, with a loving boyfriend, Irini Harringford is finally happy.  But as Elle tracks her down, everything starts to unravel.

Irini knows only to well what her sister is capable of. However, her desperate need for answers drags her back to a shocking past.

She always thought her family didn’t want her. What if the truth is even worse?

A fabulous chilling story about two sisters.


Sitting down with a good book to read is one of my life pleasures. Michelle Adams is a genius writing her first thriller, MY SISTER. I can’t wait to read this authors next book. I do advise every reader that loves a good thriller MY SISTER is it. It’s definitely the book to read.
Irini’s parents gave her away to her Aunt and Uncle and she never knew why, nobody would never tell her the truth. Aunt Jemima never wanted Irini’s sister Elle in their lives and Irini never knew the reason why.
Years later when Irini and her Italian boyfriend live together she receives a phone call from her sister Elle informing her that their mother has died. Irini has kept her number and address private so Elle couldn’t find her. So how did Elle get Irini’s telephone number?
When Irini arrives back to the family home for the funeral she is there for one reason she needs to know why they gave her away and not Elle. And why did her parents spend so many years keeping their distance from her. Will Irini find the answers to past that she is looking for? My Sister is certainly with unsettling family twists to excite you all.

The Perfect Girlfriend Karen Hamilton

Juliette loves Nate.

She will follow him anywhere. She’s even become a flight attendant for his airline, so she can keep a closer eye on him.

They are meant to be.

The fact that Nate broke up with her six months ago means nothing. Because Juliette has a plan to win him back.

She is the perfect girlfriend.

And she’ll make sure no one stops her from getting exactly what she wants.

True love hurts, but Juliette knows it’s worth all the pain


Now my favourite author.  Karen Hamilton is a very talented new author.  I got held up in traffic lights that seemed to stay red forever, I sat in my car talking to myself hurry up go green so I can get back home and finish off reading The Perfect Girlfriend.  The hardback The perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton is her first novel, it’s a psychological thriller about a sociopathic flight attendant. Nat is not going to recognise the confident independent future wife he let slip through his fingers so Juliette thinks. Her life is full and exhausting she keeps tabs on Nat and her friends. Juliette made my head spin I just didn’t know what crazy things that she would do next. A page turning thriller that very highly recommend.

Only Child Rhiannon Navin

We went to school that Tuesday like normal.

Not all of us came home . . .

Huddled in a cloakroom with his classmates and teacher, six-year-old Zach can hear shots ringing through the corridors of his school. A gunman has entered the building and, in a matter of minutes, will have taken nineteen lives.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the close knit community and its families are devastated. Everyone deals with the tragedy differently. Zach’s father absents himself; his mother pursues a quest for justice — while Zach retreats into his super-secret hideout and loses himself in a world of books and drawing.

Ultimately though, it is Zach who will show the adults in his life the way forward — as, sometimes, only a child can.


I found Only Child a raw heartbreaking story, but so extremely well written that I couldn’t stop turning the pages.   It brings it home to me all the real-life shooting in schools that we see on the news and in the papers.  The Only Child is narrated by six-year old Zac. Miss Russell did what most teachers would do she hid all of the class from a crazy gun man shooting children at the school. Zac had lost his brother Andy in the shooting.  To make this tragedy more heartbreaking it was someone that the small close-knit community was someone that they all knew who shot 19 dead at the school. Just like most parents Zach’s parents found the grieving hard to deal with. Jim, Zach’s dad has kept a dark secret of his own which Zach only finds out when he learns that another boy who Zach knew was shot and died too. I recommend Only Child even though this story is heartbreaking about a gun man shooting in a school as it will take you on a journey through a family in crisis and how they deal with It. I’m sorry but I can’t guarantee that you won’t cry, but very much worth reading.

An Unsuitable Match Joanna Trollope

Why on earth, after all you’ve been through, all you’ve survived, all you’ve achieved, why do you want to get married?

Rose Woodrowe has just got engaged to Tyler Masson—a wonderful, sensitive man who is head-over-heels in love with her. The only problem? This isn’t the first time for either of them, and their five grown-up children have strong opinions on the matter.

Like Rose’s daughter, Laura, who remembers her mom’s first marriage and doesn’t want her to get hurt again. Or the twins, Emmy and Nat, who simply don’t trust the man their mother has fallen for. Then there’s Tyler’s children Seth, too busy with his San Francisco sourdough bakery to get to know his father’s new partner, and Mallory, the aspiring actress, who is still wrestling with issues of her own childhood.

Who to listen to? Who to please? Rose and Tyler are determined to get it right this time, but in trying to make everyone happy, can they ever be happy themselves?


Joanna Trollope is my favourite author her stories about family problems never fail me.  This story I particularly liked because it involved a generation of elderly characters. Mother and Grandmother Rose at sixty-four, since her divorced moved into a little house on her own which she loved. But when Rose falls in love with Sixty- three year old Tyler Masson, he starts to make plans for them to get married, sell the mews for a little cottage. Daughter Laura and the twins Emmy and Nat don’t seem to like Tyler, further more they are certainly not happy their mother selling her mews for a cottage. I loved reading the chapters with tension building up through the whole family. So much more happens in the story, that I certainly recommend reading An Unsuitable Match.